Cyberbullying is the fastest growing...

Something wasn’t right for Kelsey Q. as she noted that fights on social media (cyber fights) started to carry over into her high school’s hallways as real fights. After reading stories about kids committing suicide because of cyberbullying and that it is the fastest growing form of harassment, she decided to take action to help her classmates and her school.

“For my Gold Award project, I created a website for kids who are being cyberbullied where they can talk about their experience and get help. The stories that the kids shared with me about their experiences really touched my heart. It’s important for them to have a safe place to go,” says Kelsey. “Prevention is the best way help younger kids. So I show them how to be careful and safe on the internet.”

To help 4th – 6th grade teachers teach their students, Kelsey created a unit of lesson plans that teach what cyberbullying is, what to do about it, and how not to do it. By design, her project is sustainable because the Cyberbullying Unit lesson plans will be distributed throughout school districts in Colorado. Her website will be vital to sustainability, as well.

Through her Gold Award project, Kelsey has taken steps to achieve her goal of pursuing a teaching degree .