Through the years we have hiked, camped, sang, laughed, and cried.

For Julie Lisco-Smith and her troop, the Girl Scout experience was woven into their lives over the years together.

"We’ve had more than our share of fun in the 13 years our troop has been together. With 15 kindergartners at the beginning, the troop matured into 8 Ambassadors (7 from the original group).Through the years we’ve hiked, camped, sung, laughed, and even cried our hearts out after losing one of our sister scouts in her sleep 6 years ago. These girls have bonded in a way that most will only dream of. " reflects Julie.

"Looking back over our last 12 years…we sold over 54,000 boxes of cookies, traveled to Washington, D.C. for the Girl Scouts’ 100th Birthday Party, enjoyed glorious weekends in Glenwood Springs, endured frigid water while whitewater rafting and paid it forward with multiple community service projects every year. As long as the girls made a plan and set a goal, we would try to accomplish each and every activity." said Jule.
"The last 3 years the girls have worked hard selling cookies and saving the proceeds, so we will top off our Girl Scout experience with a mother daughter road trip to Disneyland!"

"Our last and most heartfelt of all of our Community Projects was to supply sack lunches for the Samaritan House. The girls spent the night making 150 sack lunches, stocked with fresh fruit, sandwiches, chips, cookies, chips, gum, Jolly Ranchers and granola bars. At 5:00 am, we packed up the cars and headed out to our 6:00 am downtown rendezvous with the homeless. The response was amazing as many of the women residents were girl scouts early in their lives. After hearing many interesting stories, the girls felt so blessed to be able to help. Not surprising, the Samaritan House is our Hometown Heroes charity."

"This was a fitting end to our wonderful 13 years as Girl Scouts."