...Never getting a chance to experience new things

Growing up on welfare with limited resources (food, money, transportation), it was rare that Tinesha Ross left her neighborhood, never getting the chance to experience new things.

“Girl Scouts changed all of that for me,” explains the systems engineer for Lockheed Martin and Boeing. “I can recall riding my bike through the park seeing girls holding hands and singing. I decided to stop and I was given information on how to join. I knew I wouldn’t have transportation or money to participate, so after I left I didn’t expect to hear back from them.”

But the Girl Scouts had different plans. “A week later two ladies knocked at my door asking if I was still interested, explaining to my mother that I would be given the necessary uniforms and transportation that I needed.”

You might not know the rest of the story. Graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree while playing in the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University marching band, Tinesha went on to work in avionics testing. Later, earning 2 masters degrees while working full time as a test engineer.

Looking back, she appreciates the impact from her Girl Scout experience. “Why do I give?” reflects Tinesha, “because Girl Scouts reached out to me, helped develop leadership skills and character……..and most importantly help me become the woman that I am today.”