Christina Bear

As a Gold Medalist for the 2016 Congressional Award, Christina Bear acknowledges that earning the Girl Scout Gold Award was the primary driver for her other awards. “It (Gold Award) teaches you resourcefulness which permeates other facets of your life like academics, critical thinking, etc. One of the things I really liked about Girl Scouts is using my own leadership way. The flexibility proved to be a gentle and encouraging way to learn about communication and leadership.”
“When I think of Girl Scouts and what shaped my experience - thoughts about individualism, spirit of community, encouraging, empowering and real-world skills come to mind.” Reflects the Gold Award recipient.
As a member of the Harvard College Class of 2021, Christina will have a green field for implementing her leadership and critical thinking skills.
Her vision for other Girl Scout supporters is along the lines…any girl whether it is your neighbor, your daughter can become a Girl Scout. It’s about girls gaining confidence and learning how to lead…things that will help them all their lives.